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Welcome to my blog! I'll be documenting my journey in motherhood, radio and all that good stuff in-between. 

18 Months of Mumhood + 1 Year Back To Work

18 Months of Mumhood + 1 Year Back To Work

This time last year I was feeling so BLAH! I had just about found my stride (or so) as a mum, and was gearing up to return from maternity leave, to a job I wasn’t too ecstatic about. Fast forward a year later, I have a huge TODDLER (yep, he’s no longer my baby **sobs**) and juggling a few different things in the ole job aspect which I’m happy about. So needless to say, it all figured itself out in the end 😇

How the hell is Noah 18 months?!

Yep, it’s a question I ask myself daily when I see him running (yes, the boy runs) or when he ventures freely (like he pays bills in the house) into the kitchen, goes into the cupboard and takes out the biscuits. Witnessing a human transform from a helpless baby, unable to sit up, to a toddler, making mess, and you know, just being a toddler. It’s great.


I’ve learnt that Noah’s realised he has free-will. He’s more than happy to confidently say “no” and waddle along the hallway to do his own thing instead of brushing his teeth. Oh, and he’s always up for hearing and dancing a bit to ‘Baby Shark’ - which you will usually hear in our house on repeat for at least 33minutes a day.

Hold tight Man Like Noah (MLN).

And the work??

Yeah, so last year I really DID NOT want to return to work. I was regretting only having 6 months maternity leave. And while I do miss the freedom of maternity leave (long walks around Croydon, endless coffeeshop visits, and watching daytime TV from 3pm), I don’t think I made the wrong decision going back when I did.


While the first few months of going back to work was horrible, the commuting, leaving the house, the little voice in the back of my head asking haveyoudonetherightthing?! Fast forward a year, and I still have a tinge of guilt most mornings now when I leave to go work/radio. But over this year **toots trumpet** I’ve managed to: produce over 20 episodes of Gasworks, hours of radio on 1xtra and get back on the radio with a daily show on Foundation FM and a monthly show on Redbull. And I started my long-awaited NCTJ course too.

Juggling it 🤔

I often get asked how I’m managing mum-working-studying life, and I honestly don’t know! Many hats fit my big head. Most mornings are a bit of Noah time, then it’s off to radio, then afternoons are spent between, Boiler Room/ 1xtra /Redbull Radio / studying (or rarely finding time to do my own ting!). Lots of to-do lists, lots of late nights, lots of multi-tasking, and tbqh lots of WFT am I doing? Maybe I’m a bit of a workaholic, but Noah’s given me such a boost in motivation, I just always need to make sure that the time I’m spending away from him, is productive to my ole career.

So the short answer is: lots of help, from family friends and of course, the Baby Fada because let’s face it, without his support and ears - I would have no one else to moan about being tired too 😼

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Brunch Banger: BR3nya - Double Dutch

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