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18 Things I've Learned in 2018

18 Things I've Learned in 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s only right I finally tick off one of the most burning things on my 2018 list… A blog. And while I’ve sat around messing around with the layout, the colours… the themes, which I’ve just realised is a form of procrastinating. A whole year has passed, and I’ve wasted big, big SquareSpace subscription charges on a site I’ve yet to publish anything on. It gets like that. So here you are 2018, before the year is out, let me make use of my SquareSpace subscription and share with the world the things I’ve learned this year. Maybe you can find some little inspo in them too.

  1. Being a Parent is the best. Seriously, nothing can take away the happiness of my son Noah (aka MLN). I always say I’m bias, but he is the best. Period. Seeing his growth and development over the last year literally leaves me speechless, from an immobile 3 month old baby, to a babbling, cheeky, walking toddler. Is the best thing you could ever witness.

  2. I like work… I think. 2018 started with me on maternity leave, contemplating if I should just stay unemployed or return to my old job. I returned to my old job, and now 2018 is ending with two other jobs, more in the pipe line, and a lot more flexibility over my schedule. Surprisingly I’m enjoying them all (I say this only when I have time off) and that feels like a win to me.

  3. Put yourself out of your comfort zone. I’m yet to achieve this. I’m painfully awkward in some social settings and seem to become overwhelmed with anxiety when I start to entertain the thought of some public social events. In the rare instances this year I have put myself out and have gone to the events, all the insecurities appearance are out of the window and I more-time leave thinking why did you panic so much about looking fat/butters: no one cared. More of this energy in 2019 please, Kam.

  4. Get shit done! While I started off this blog post moaning about my chronic procrastination. There are some things I’ve managed to do this year. Like enrol into the NCTJ journalism course I’ve had on my internet browser tabs for about 4 years. Yep, I finally got round to applying, and being accepted, and I think it’s going alright.

  5. When one door closes, another does open… eventually. When Radar Radio disappeared into the social media ashes, I unofficially decided it was the end of my radio presenting career attempt. I threw myself into the work of producing. Seven months later, I ended up with a daily radio show on Foundation FM, and I’m so unbelievably grateful for the opportunity. Patience, it’ll all work out.

  6. Family is important. Since becoming a parent I’ve been moved away by the kindness of mine and my partners family towards us. This child is spoiled left, right and centre with love, time, and gifts and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Plus large up the Mumzie’s for the constant free childcare.

  7. Your plan may not look like the plan you imagined, but nothing is finite. When I was 16 I had this vision that at 26 my life would be perfectly sorted out, and I would feel adult. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to feel like an adult. While I’m certain I don’t feel like an adult, or at least the one I imagined to be, I’m basking in the journey.

  8. Things could always be worse. I suffer from chronic moaning. I moan about EVERYTHING. But in reality, I’ve got a beautiful son, a peng boyf + a roof on my head and appear to have a career which pays the bills. So. it could be worse.

  9. Life looks better on the gram. Don’t let the social media game fool you - it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  10. Make time for you! It’s easy to believe in this constant grind mentality, that #TeamNoSleep is a good thing, but it really isn’t… Self-care and good old ME TIME should more precious than ever. I CAN’T COME AND DIE for anyyyyy work/person/task/fuckboy. No sir.

  11. Ladies - go for your smear tests. They’re not pretty, but it’s pretty self explanatory this lovelies.

  12. Anyone can make it. 2018 has been the year of the meme, the year of the viral star, the year of 14.59seconds of fame (think Loz, Ferdi, Osh, Biskit etc). If Ferdi aka Mr Why You Coming Fast, Mr I Won’t Remember You In 2019 can make it small small, then you defo have a chance!

  13. There’s no truth in the term ‘over-saturated market’. There’s room for everyone, if you do it well. There’s hundreds of hair/cake/presenter/DJ’s businesses/people/creators out there, no one will have sole autonomy of their field, use your talents well, because someone out there will believe in ya sauce.

  14. There’s enough room at the top for everyone. (I liked the sound of this one, but it basically echoes the above point).

  15. Celebrate your W’s more. I’m my biggest critic, it’s only until I by-force sat myself down to write this and scroll through my pictures on my phone this year I realised all the mini W’s.

  16. Support your friends. Boost your friends. Since having Noah I’ve realised I can get pretty switched off from what my mates are up to/doing/going through. But a simple text takes about 10 seconds out of your day, support your day one amigos.

  17. Having boundaries isn’t a bad thing. I’m still learning this one, but especially when you have a family, implementing boundaries between work and personal life is so important. You can’t expect to respond to WhatsApps instantly when they come. You can’t always rearrange childcare last minute to fit into other schedules. Implement boundaries, no is no. Also - might be worth getting a work phone too, Kam.

  18. Brexit is an omnishambles. I saw on another blog (then googled) and yes, it is a real word, meaning: “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations”. Pretty apt, alie?

    Happy 2018! x

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